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4 Great Date Nights at home

Rachel O'Reilly

By Courtney Ward

Date nights, one of the many things that tend to go down the tubes along with good sleep and sanity after having a baby. I’m always amazed when I meet couples who have a regular date on the calendar.

If you, like me, don’t have it that together, you can still bring the sexy back with a few of my tried-and-true date nights at home. Next time your sitter bails, put your baby down for bed and try one of these:

  • Meal Delivery Service (Link: - Make a stiff cocktail (or two!) and whip out those aprons your grandma sent you as wedding gift. Meal delivery services are perfect for stay-in date nights, because they: 1) offer complex-sounding meals (like lamb in pita) without complicated preparation 2) are easy to assemble, making for a fun activity with your partner, 3) are delivered right to your door, and 4) take out the step of having to think, “What’s for dinner?”

  • Appetizer / Movie Night - Often at the end of a day, a heavy meal just doesn’t sound right. Change up the “dinner” format with some small bites. My husband came home from work one day and was so into my dinner plan for the night: an ice cold dirty martini, a Caesar salad, and steak bites topped with blue cheese. Simple and satisfying. We flipped on an old movie and were set. NOTE: If you don’t have a copy of Chrissy Teigan’s cookbook, Cravings, where I got these recipes, order yours now. It’s incredibly delicious, funny and sexy!

  • Change Up the Location w/Takeout: Cooking not your thing? Pick up takeout from one of your favorite local restaurants where you would usually do date night. I like to set up dinner somewhere we don’t usually eat, like outside on the deck, to watch the sun go down. Just making that small change can make it feel like you’re on a romantic date!

  • Creative Projects - This might not work for everyone, but it’s my husband and I’s favorite type. (Yes, I realize what losers we sound like by making this information public). We light a ton of candles, put on an awesome playlist and tackle whatever creative project we’ve had on our list. Whether that be our baby’s first year album, ordering artwork for the house, or painting or remodeling something. It’s extremely gratifying to spend an evening together feeding your creative passion while checking something off your To-Do list!

We would love to hear how you and your spouse or partner spend an evening in and make it special. Please leave us a comment below!