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Optimize Your World: The Best Hacks, Services and Apps to Make Life Easier

Rachel O'Reilly


Ever thought of a great lifehack or business idea that would make your day-to-day a little easier and thought, “if only that existed…”? Well, thanks to technology, app developers and service providers who get it, a lot of those things you dream of actually probably exist. We’ve put together a list that will bring more ease and organization into your life… Consider this a master guide for optimizing your world.

Extra Help & Organization

Having a an extra pair of hands to help with everything from running errands to cleaning the house can be a lifesaver, especially during those weeks when it seems like the whole world is needing your attention at once. Here are some on-demand services that will help you delegate away the stress.

  • Task Rabbit: Need someone to build that piece of furniture you ordered? Can’t figure out how to fix the garbage disposal? Need someone else to run the errands? Task Rabbit can help with all of that and more…

  • Thumbtack: The go-to for any type of “pro” you might need, from house painters to personal trainers and everything in between. Best part? Read reviews for all of them before you make a decision!

  • Keyring: Keeps all your loyalty and membership cards in one place -- and off your key ring. It’s 2016- there’s an app for that.

  • Cozi: Touts itself as the “Family Organizer” app and allows for you to keep track of everything from doctors appointments to soccer games in one place… We really like the part where you can make joint shopping / to-do lists, so your partner and you can just look at the app and know what to do… Magic!


When you have a growing family, organization and storage become more important. Our recommended companies come right to your door and - voila! All of the logistics are handled and your items are safe and organized.

  • Closet Box: Picks up your items for free and delivers them back to you whenever you need them. They charge based on the amount of space your items take up, so it’s a great excuse to purge before the pick-up!

  • Omni: If you live in the Bay Area, Omni is an intuitive storage solution. This awesome team will pick up your stuff, photograph each item, and store it in a secure facility. You can view all your stored items via their app, and when you need it, have them deliver items back to your home or office. Or, you can even send things to friends or family to borrow. Like, how often do you really use that tent? It’s great to be able to effortlessly share the things you don’t use often, without having them take up space in your home when not in use. It’s a win-win. Plus, you only pay per item, per month, which means no contracts or wasted space.

On-Demand Sitters & Help Around the House:

Leaving your heart (aka child) with another human being can a very scary thing! Luckily, there are services that can send qualified sitters to your door, so you can breathe easy and enjoy your date night.

Pampering & Self Care

The pre-kid self care and beauty routines can easily slip away and become a distant memory when you’re busy chasing babies around. Here are some easy ideas to bring a little pampering and pep back into your step, right from home. We love to use these services for at-home dates with your honey, or to help you get ready for some fabulous event, work function, or a zexy occasion!

Hair and Make-up:


Car & Transportation

Need a 4-wheel drive car for a snow trip? A bigger car to fit the whole family and your stuff for a weekend away? Or, maybe you’re just cool enough that you only need a car, sometimes! In any case, you can get your hot wheels across the country thanks to these great car share companies:

  • Get Around

  • Zipcar

  • Turo

  • Car2Go

  • Family road trips and camping are leveled-up when you’re cruising in a JUCY! Check these things out; they come equipped with a fridge, two gas stoves, sink, and two double beds (not to mention a flat screen TV, in case you need a break from road trip games).

  • Uber now offers rides with car seats for an extra $10 so your little one can travel with you on the fly.

  • New baby can often mean a new car… If you’re in California, you’re in luck! Roadster makes it easy for you to buy a new car without stepping foot into a dealership. For a low fee, they do the negotiating for you and deliver the car to your door, along with a friendly concierge that makes sure you know how to use it.

Technology and the pace at which the world is changing can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it’s good to see the positively awesome ways tech can more deeply connect us to our values, relieve us of tedious tasks, and give us more time to be with our family. Not to mention, many of these services help to lower emissions, benefiting the environment and our collective future as well.

If you’re looking for more ways to optimize your family flow, we’re big fans of meal delivery services, and check out our post about earth-friendly diapers (which includes helpful diaper pickup and delivery services).

Are we missing anything? What apps or services keep you sane?