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Our Top Picks for Earth Friendly, Baby-Safe Bottles

Rachel O'Reilly

By: Rachel O'Reilly

If you think about it, bottles are one of the most important and intimate tools you use with your baby. For most families, bottles are a part of the routine until at least age one, and usually beyond. Bottles are a part of nearly all babies’ upbringings, whether you’re a mother who’s experienced challenges with breastfeeding, a dad using the bottle to connect with baby during feeding time, or perhaps you’re away from your precious little one for part of the day, are weaning baby off the breast, or simply love the convenience that bottles offer for running errands and traveling… They are a necessity!

Unfortunately, many mainstream bottles are produced with harmful carcinogenic, reproductive toxic, endocrine disrupting, neurotoxic materials! It’s hard to believe regulations aren’t tighter on baby bottles and products in general, given how vulnerable their systems are, but don’t stress!

Our top baby bottle picks adhere to the following requirements we had when researching the best earth-friendly options:

  • Free of BPA and other common toxic chemicals found in plastics and other manufacturing materials/ practices

  • Offer anti-colic air systems  

  • Dishwasher safe (top rack recommended)

These options will ensure your baby is getting maximum nourishment from their feeding, sans the toxic nonsense.  

Think Baby: Offers plastic and stainless steel bottles completely free of hazardous chemicals and made to grow with your baby… The nursing bottle can turn into a sippy cup!

Natursutten: Their glass bottles are produced in France and the natural rubber nipples come from Italy. As far as glass bottles go, these are some of the best. Even though they’re glass, they’re durable too! The bottles are dishwasher safe and can withstand very cold and hot temperatures without breaking.

Life Factory: Also a great glass bottle option and made in France, these bottles offer the grip of silicon sleeves, which can also help protect against the occasional “whoopsies!” drop. The bottles’ thermal shock-resistant glass makes it safe to move bottles from freezer to hot liquids, no problemo.

Joovy Boob: These bottles come in lightweight, durable glass, or plastic depending on your preference. You can customize the bottle with various nipples based on your baby’s needs, or choose one of their silicon sleeves for the glass version:

Como Tomo: A baby bottle that’s won design challenges? Yes, that’s Como Tomo… Their unique design is made to mimic the natural form of Mom’s breast with a “squeezable” medical grade silicon body and soft, pliable nipples.

Mimijumi: Designed with an innovative nipple intended to replicate a real-deal breast, many moms find this bottle useful for going back and forth between boob and bottle without confusing baby. This purposefully designed nipple is also angled for a more relaxed feeding posture.

Yoomi: So far as we can find, these bottles are the only answer to warming a bottle on-the-go… Yoomi bottles have a built-in, rechargeable heating component that heats the bottle to a safe temperature in 60 seconds. We love when tech + eco-friendly design = a more convenient way to feed your baby.

When it comes to the vital and sometimes frustrating task of feeding your baby, we hope our suggestions make it a little easier and healthier for your family.

What are your favorite products or methods to feed your baby? Did we miss any gems out there? We’d love to hear more about your experience with these bottles or others…