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Cherish Annual Feel-Good Gift Guide

Rachel O'Reilly

At Cherish, it’s important to us to represent ideas, values, and products that align with living a holistically healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’re so excited to share our first Cherish Annual Feel-Good Gift Guide for everyone on your Nice List! These gift recommendations come from brands who stand for something more than just selling products.

Below you’ll find a mix of goodies for all ages that are sustainably produced with community and planet in mind. Let the merriment of gift giving begin!

For Pregnancy

  • Chilote Slippers are hand made by women in Patagonia, supporting their livelihoods and families. The slippers are soft, warm, and perfect for cozy lounging. 

  • Every Mom & Dad needs a rockin’ diaper bag!

  • If you really want to go all out for a friend or sister, you could put together a beautiful hospital/birth bag with all the little luxuries and necessities she might need on hand during labor. Here are some ideas to get started with to make it your own.

For Newborns

For Toddlers & Kids

  • Give the gift of organization and style with our absolute favorite must-have toddler bag.

  • Storybook box subscription will keep kids entertained throughout the year. You simply select the child’s age and they deliver 2 books a month. The best part of this is that it comes with a card, which shows you tips for what to talk about with your child as you read the stories!

  • Goldie Blox is a welcome fresh of breath air that offers intriguing and fun toys to get girls building! Their goal is to nurture girls’ “left brain” through fun and games with an aim to ultimately have more girls stepping into STEM, (science, technology, engineering, and math) industries. Goldie Blox has all sorts of options for age 3 to pre-teen.

  • As far as toys go, this heart puzzle handmade in Germany using sustainable non-toxic materials for ages 3+ is pretty sweet!

  • Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that delivers a crate of learning tools for kids of all ages to create fun, hands-on projects!

  • We love everything from this shop but especially this gorgeous rainbow - what you add to the end is up to you!

  • These eco-kits give kids a chance to get hands on with creating everything from a model solar powered house, to generating wind power, to growing their own indoor mushroom “farm”. We love toys that keep a kids interest for more than a day and make them think bigger about what’s possible!

  • These games will keep kids having fun while learning about the planet they call home and love.

For Family & Friends

  • The Patchwork Bear: This company is takes baby clothes and turns them into keepsake bears, quilts and more. Who doesn’t want a reason to hold onto those onesies long after your little one has grown out of them?!

  • High Camp Gardenias: For a touch of unexpected decadence, send someone you love a box of these beautiful gardenias.

  • Little Box of Rocks: Offers “crystal bouquets” with selected gems that have a particular meaning depending on the occasion, or wishes you’re sending. We adore this gift with more depth and longevity than your typical flower delivery.

  • Moon Body Soul: 100% natural and vegan bath products handmade in Los Angeles. We especially love their “Moon Dust” bath soak and because it’s so gentle, the little one can hop in the tub with you too!

  • Marin Trees Bath Salts: What’s a gift guide without something near and dear to our heart? Check out these bath salts that smells like Marin Trees... Heaven.

  • We love gifts that are subscriptions so your generosity can be felt throughout the year. Some of our favorites:

    • Darling Magazine: Incredible articles. Photos that are never retouched. A very beautiful and empowering magazine for women.

    • Cause Box: Giving back and getting gifts is a feel-good combination and with Cause Box you can do just that. Send one box for the holidays, or sign up for a subscription to feel positive impact into the new year.

    • Equality Wines: Cheers to delicious wine that supports causes focused on social justice and equality. We especially enjoy their 'Love Wins' cuvée.

For Him

  • Marine Layer: We're confident this will be your man's new favorite t-shirt. They're incredibly soft and made with sustainable, quality materials in San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

  • Abbot Fjord: For the man who loves the kitchen and/or the grill, this is a real deal (sexy) chef's apron, designed in Seattle and made to last.

  • UE Boom: These waterproof and shock proof speakers have incredible sound and can be paired with a buddy to create robust, surround sound. We use these as our sound system at home and just the two fill the house with music! Powerful little buggers.  

These gifts are meant to bring comfort and joy through the holidays, and well after! Your spending holds much power, so we hope you’ll consider how to create a ripple effect for good each time you take part in the the loving act of gift-giving. Because after all, that’s what the holidays are about: Sharing our love with one another.