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To Co-Sleep or Not to Co-Sleep

Rachel O'Reilly

Ali Olives

Ali Olives

By Courtney Ward

There is much debate about co-sleeping with your newborn, and I recently came across this article that I thought was interesting. I like that it supports the idea of co-sleeping and shows how common it is in other countries.

I haven’t thought about this subject in a while, as my babe is four now, although we still encounter sleep issues more often than I would like to admit. But we feel this subject is a hot topic for new parents and something we want to delve into a bit deeper.

Personally, when my daughter was born, I did not plan to co-sleep at all. At first, we simply used the moses basket right next to our bed. I was nursing and getting up to move the baby in and out of it many times a night, which got old pretty fast (AKA, I got pretty lazy). When she was close to three months old I decided to bring her into bed after that first nighttime feeding.

I would not have done this if my husband wasn’t an extremely light sleeper and woke up several times to check on her. Poor guy! Our pediatrician also gave us several facts that helped support our decision to co-sleep that helped eliminate many of the common fears.

We discovered pretty quickly that our babe slept longer and better while in our bed, which is no real surprise. Especially since, as this article states, mother and baby’s sleep cycles sync during early motherhood. We also realize that for some families, a crib in another room or in the same room works best. The most important thing is that you (as in the parents) are able to sleep, and to choose the system that works best for you.

We are curious -- what has worked best for you in regards to newborn sleeping in your family? Please share in the comments below!