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7 Secrets to Success as a New Mom

Rachel O'Reilly

By Courtney Ward

When I was a new mom, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Thankfully I had google at my fingertips and a few great friends who were just a text message away, offering their sound advice - which often included, “have a small glass of wine and relax.” 

I wanted to share my secrets to success as a new mom:

  1. Sleep when your baby sleeps - I realize this might sound cliche but it is the #1 advice I can offer as a mom. I wish I did more of this - babies sleep a LOT and it’s the best way to counterbalance fatigue.

  2. Ask for help - If this means having someone clean your house, pick up dinner, hold your baby for an hour so you can shower, talk to a therapist, etc. Now is not the time to go at it alone.

  3. Don’t stress about the weight coming off - Don’t hate me, but I didn’t have much trouble fitting into my old jeans. But that said, they didn’t fit the same and still don’t. As mothers our bodies change and the sooner you embrace that, the better. It will come off if you eat healthy, non-processed foods and take good care of yourself (see #2 above!). The less you stress about it, the faster you will be in your pre-pregs attire, trust me.

  4. Pump and dump - Don’t feel guilty going out for spicy margs with your girlfriends every now and then; it will save your sanity. The pump is your friend.

  5. Keep an extra set of baby clothes/diapers/wipes in your car - I can’t tell you how helpful this tip was to me - we used that stash many times.

  6. Don’t be afraid to double up - I mean this in many ways. If it’s easier for you to have an extra changing station in another part of your house, do it. If you need the bottle warmer, get it. Asking around for hand-me-downs if you need something to make your life easier should be a no brainer. Go easy on yourself, and have on hand whatever improves your quality of life.

  7. Utilize delivery services in all forms - The 2-day delivery option on Amazon and saved me so many times, as did the many food delivery options out there. If you set up a Meal Train, even better. Check out this post for streamlining your family flow.

We would love to know what helped you, chime in on the comments below and share your own secrets to success!