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Newborn Visitor Guidelines

Rachel O'Reilly

By Aaryn Leineke

Let’s be real, having a new baby is going to be exhausting. People in your circle will often offer to help you, and be sure to take them up on it. One of the easiest ways to ask for specific support is by displaying guidelines for visitors. Asking for help, especially around things like your laundry and cleaning, can be a new experience. By having these guidelines displayed, it is a great way to take the pressure off, especially because people have the power of choice to decide what specifically they want to help with. This can be printed and taped outside the front door to be read prior to entering the home. It can also be posted up throughout the house as a reminder in bathroom, kitchen, before entering mom and babies room, etc. It can even be emailed or texted to your family and friends when your baby is born. Below is a template that can be used to your liking. 

(sign at front door)

Welcome, this home has a new BABY!

We are absolutely in love, and cannot wait to introduce you to our new bundle of joy. Below are a few requests we’d appreciate you to respect while visiting for the first time (or first few times). Mom and baby are doing great, and rest is few and far between so please be conscious of the length of your visit. We’ve created a very sacred calm space here, so please make sure to use your inside voices. We are so grateful for your time to come here and offer your congratulations and support. Please honor requests for advice only when they are asked of you. We are doing our best to get into our groove and know we will get there sooner than later. Thank you, Aaryn, Mark, Roberta, and Mark Jr.

(posted around the house - near bathroom sink, kitchen sink, mom and baby’s bedroom door)

Welcome. This home has a new BABY!

  • Thank you for being on time. Please knock quietly; do not ring the doorbell.

  • Thank you for using your inside voice.

  • Please WASH your hands.

  • Pretty please, come another time if you or anyone in your household is sick.

  • Thank you for leaving your toddlers at home with a babysitter or your partner.

  • Be intuitive and limit the length of your visit.

  • If you are staying for a long period of time (over an hour), we greatly appreciate any help and support with the kids or around the house:

    • Laundry - Please make sure if you start a load of laundry to stay long enough to transfer to the dryer, or mention to new mom and dad that there is laundry in a wash.

    • Dishes - If you notice dishes in the sink, please fill the dishwasher and run the load.

    • Food - Healthy meal prep and/or snacks are always appreciated!

  • Hold the baby or play with big brother/sister while husband/partner and mother rest or shower.

  • If the trash looks full, please kindly take it out.

  • If it’s Tuesday afternoon (trash day!), please bring large bins to the street.