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The Benefits of Baby Carriers - for Dads

Rachel O'Reilly

By Aaryn Leineke

First and foremost, dads who wear babies are sexy. It’s just a fact. When you are a dad, and you are seen to be very hands on, proactive with the kids and eager to help out around the house it's a known turn on for us ladies. Below are a few types of carriers that can be used by both moms and dads and are really easy to use, once you’ve taken the time to learn.

A few types of baby carriers:

K’tan - I love this product and just recently tried it on my sweet nephew Koji B. It’s a baby carrier that “slips on like a shirt, with no wrapping or buckling!”

ERGObaby - 360 Carrier - I love that they finally developed a product for ergonomic wearing not just the mom, but conscientious of the baby’s ergo needs, too. Make sure to follow the directions and buy the infant insert when using from 0-4 months.

Moby Wrap - This company is a wonderful company that is a huge advocate for baby wearing. From my understanding it can be tricky to learn how to use, but once you do it a few times, you’ll get the hang of it!

Many first-time parents forget that you can use these amazing carriers around the house as well; they’re not just to use while on-the-go or running errands. For example, Dad can wear the baby at home, either while watching his favorite sports game, doing mild chores around the house or working outside in the garden (while keeping the baby fully protected from sun, of course). Unlike most trips out in public (depending on where you’re headed), you can use home time to enforce extra skin-to-skin contact with your newborn. Hanging at home with your shirt off, carrying your baby with the support of one of the products above, will be surprisingly fulfilling. There are so many benefits for babies and dads when they have this physical contact for extended periods of time. Below are some of these benefits for the babies, dads and even moms.

Benefits for Baby:

  1. Accelerates brain development

  2. Calms, soothes and reduces stress

  3. Improves quality of sleep

  4. Enhance immune system

  5. Stimulates digestion and weight gain

  6. Synchronizes heart rate and breathing

Benefits for Dad:

  1. Promotes psychological well-being

  2. Allows the chance to connect with your baby like you were unable to before (while in the womb)

  3. Allows for multitasking

Benefits for Mom:

Gives mom a break. Physically, emotionally and mentally, mom can check out knowing her precious new baby is safe in dad’s arms (or, strapped to his chest). Moms can use this much-needed time to sleep, call a dear friend, take a shower and run a few errands or take some alone time on a walk, if her body is recovered from birth. The benefits are endless!

Do you have a favorite baby carrier? Please share any of your top picks with us, and why! Dad’s out there, we’d love your opinion as well. :)