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6 Tips for the easiest beach staycation ever!

Rachel O'Reilly

By Courtney Ward

We recently celebrated the first official day of summer! In recognition of the season to go out, explore and revel in the great outdoors, I have an awesome beach staycation idea for you and your fams.

The other night my husband was texting; he and a friend were planning a play-date at Stinson Beach for a group of our friends and families. This was the first time that the moms weren’t in charge of setting up a gathering, and it was so refreshing. I was excited, but I would be lying if I didn’t wonder how it would all go down with dads in the driver’s seat...

We showed up, set up our beach chairs and let the kids run loose. Someone popped champagne, we busted out chips and guac, and in no time the kids were splashing in the shore break squealing with delight. What we learned is that kids don’t need anything fancy or over-planned to have fun, and the beach is the perfect babysitter (as long as someone is on duty to keep an eye on the kids while they’re in the water). There is almost nothing you need to do, except provide food and maybe dig a hole (which is awesome cardio btw). If you want to plan a family day like this yourself, here are a couple pointers:

  • Hit the road by 9 a.m. to avoid the backup that occurs in Tam Valley (or normal weekend morning traffic wherever you are)

  • Pack a LOT of snacks for the kids (did I really need to list that?)

  • For the adults in our area, hit this new restaurant, The Siren Canteen (don’t miss the fish tacos!)

  • Amp up your stay with mimosas or beers with limes (just like a Corona commercial, except with kids screaming in the background)

  • Leave before you think you need to, to avoid meltdowns and beat traffic

  • Don’t forget sunscreen!

It was so nice for a change not to have my number on the text chain coordinating details, changing times or seeing the inevitable last minute bails. The key here was simplicity and having good old-fashioned fun with great friends. The fact that everyone rallied and joined at the last minute with complete can do attitudes is what really made the day special. Seriously, dads out there, please plan more play dates -- you really rule at them!

Have you tapped a staycation must do? Please share it with us in the comments below!