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Most Amazing Toddler Bag

Rachel O'Reilly

By: Courtney Ward

One day while scrolling instagram, I fell into a trap. A beautiful bag came across my feed and I stopped in my tracks. “Back in stock, black.” It was the most gorgeous everyday bag. I googled and realized this bag was was in a shop in San Francisco, and happened to be blocks from the writing class I was taking that night.

Oh yeah, I started taking some writing classes. More on that soon when I will talk about making time for yourself to try something new.

Back to THE bag.

I decided I HAD to stop by just to check this out. A purchase like this needs to be made in person if possible. Having a toddler who I am always chasing, schlepping from gymnastics to the park and preschool and home, and even popping my laptop in so I can work on the go or head into the office for a meeting -- requires not just any bag, as I have quickly discovered. My beautiful Kate Spade that I treated myself to once I graduated from the “Diaper Bag” has been through the ringer, and while perfectly sized, it is not quite equipped for art class with a toddler.

This new bag is not only beautiful, it’s functional, and I knew it would be as soon as saw it in person. I met the sweet owner of the shop, who has had his factory in the Mission of SF for 16 years and recently opened a store front (with the factory still in the back). I am not lying when I said I wanted EVERY BAG I saw in this shop. And it is so cool to actually see where the talented craftsmanship takes place. Every bag is handmade in San Francisco, which is something I can get behind with some serious pride.

Once it was in my hands, I wanted to post about this bag discovery here THAT NIGHT (that’s how excited I was). But I had to test it out, put it in the trenches of toddler-motherhood to see if it would meet my (high) expectations. Not surprisingly, it passed with flying colors.

It is the perfect thing to lug to the park, without having to worry about putting it straight in the sand because I can just dust it off afterwards. The six pockets are perfect for stashing snacks, a small water bottle, keys, and anything else you need right at your fingertips, so when your toddler is screaming at you to open the door because they have to pee, you know exactly where to reach. French bulldog approved too; today I caught mine napping on it in the front seat of my car during a quick errand. And, the greatest thing about this bag is that it’s not *too* girly, so my husband could take it if he had to.

Speaking of men, they have beautiful things for them too. I have bookmarked one of these dopp kits for my brother and I already have my eyes on this one and this gorgeous, stylish back pack for bike rides I probably won’t take and hikes that I will.

Update! Just got this for my birthday as a surprise from my sweet hubby. It is even more gorgeous in person and I’ve used it so many times already, from a bachelorette party in Tahoe, to errands with my toddler, and most recently a spa date to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Our resident Doula, Aaryn, is eyeing this dreamy one to stash all of her goodies she needs with her when attending births. Read what she typically packs along with her here.

I love how lightweight and sturdy these bags are, with gorgeous leather handles. Knowing they are made locally in the USA and with sustainable resources makes it a no-brainer. I know these will last a lifetime and carry me way past the toddler years!