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Nurturing your woman during pregnancy

Rachel O'Reilly

Dearest Daughters

Dearest Daughters

Pregnancy is very hard work. I have always been sensitive to that and now know firsthand that growing a baby is tough! It takes a toll, physically and emotionally, and it’s really really important to be aware of that.

In my household I’ve always been the meal planner and executer. That’s not to say I don’t have a LOT of help, but I usually like to take control in the kitchen. Now that I’m pregnant, and just made it through our first trimester, I’m feeling so grateful to my loving husband as I write this post for stepping up to help.

Since I’m the one that has the food aversions and/or cravings, I still feel like I’m doing the menu “planning” (which are usually last minute “I want beef stew for dinner” statements and very real requests). What’s amazing about this is my husband who is not as comfortable in the kitchen takes on the tasks to figure it out. Most of the time I’ll still be in there helping, but what a joy to hear him say, “Great, I’ll go to the store now.” As soon as he’s home he starts the prep. In addition to taking over cooking and meal prep duties, below are a few other thoughtful ways to nurture your partner during her pregnancy.

  • House chores (e.g. taking the trash out, without being asked :))

  • Make sure bed is ready for your exhausted (read: passed out) partner on the couch, when she’s ready for it

  • Have water at her bedside

  • Warm up the room on cold winter nights

  • Make sure she’s taken her vitamins

  • Warm up some water and make her some mama’s tea (link to mama’s tea post)

  • Meal prep and execute as best as you can :)

  • Draw her a bath with epsom salt and essential oils

  • Book her a massage at her favorite local spa (prenatal of course)

  • READ the books that are given to you, and be proactive about preparing for birth

    • Prepare questions for your midwife or doctor

    • Prepare dialogue with your wife that will be communicated to family

I believe that there are many ways to comfort a woman in pregnancy. Each trimester has very specific common “growing pains” but not every woman feels each one or feels them the same. And keep in mind that just because she doesn’t get morning sickness (lucky woman) during her first trimester, it doesn’t mean she’s not feeling extremely exhausted and/or emotional. Be sensitive and cater to your woman’s needs. If you’re not sure how to help, the best thing you can do is ask. She will be grateful, and hopefully will be honest when she’s feeling like she needs help.