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Meet the enamoring, secretly evil face of my four year old

Rachel O'Reilly

By Courtney Ward

People often comment on my daughter’s appearance. “Her bow is so adorable!” And, “I love her glasses!” Or, “what a great smile!”

If only these sweet-intentioned people knew about a different side of my daughter that I've come to call her 'Dr. Evil' side.

The other morning we were all cuddled up in bed. My French bulldog, Gustave, was next to us, doing his usual snorts and grunts. My husband was joking that he wanted to ship the dog off somewhere, (at seven-years-old, he’s still not house trained).

Laughing, my daughter mimics my husband’s sentiments, “Goosie, you are going away!”

I stopped her and said, “Hey, he can hear you and understands what you are saying.”

Her sweet little face then leans in, holds his giant ear close, and whispers,

“We are going to get rid of you”, followed by the most evil laugh I’ve ever heard come out of her.

Needless to say, I was caught off guard by my usually compassionate daughter being capable of such a scene!

What I realize is that maybe I don’t give my daughter enough credit. Sure, she looks really sweet and innocent but if I’m honest, sometimes I feel like she has a little  maleficent inside of her.

My child  often shocks me, and at times it breaks my heart. Her rudeness can surprise me, and it’s hard not to take it personally. All I do is love this little human with everything I have, then if I won’t let her have chocolate chips at 7am, she tells me she “Doesn’t care about me.” It’s rough.

This comes with the rest of the things that parents don’t usually share the extremes of before you become one yourself. The endless lack of sleep, the food challenges, all the “phases”, the potty training, on and on. Maybe it’s like childbirth; and as you get older, you forget the pain that your young toddler slashes you with, and you just focus on the who they are in the present moment.

All I can do for now is handle her random outbursts and Dr. Evil-like comments as they arise and document these little wicked strokes for pure entertainment, (and blackmail when she hits her teens).

Have you found a slightly malicious side of your little one? Please do share!