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5 Tips for Hosting a Mother Blessing

Rachel O'Reilly

By: Rachel O'Reilly

Since many women have never heard of, or experienced a Mother Blessing, the idea may be new to them. Assure your mama-to-be that a Mother Blessing is a beautiful way to bring together the women she loves, and who love her to celebrate this special time in her life. Instead of silly candy-bar-in-a-diaper games, you're suggesting something that will allow for more connection (and fun)!

A Mother Blessing can be created to suit any mom-to-be's taste. All that's needed is a comfortable and inviting setting and some minor preparation, and the beauty of celebration will unfold.

Here are 5 tips to help you host a glowing Mother Blessing:

  1. Personal touches. Part of honoring the mother-to-be is creating a space that's about what makes her comfortable and special. Think of including a few personal touches the guest of honor adores; her favorite flowers, music, fruit, colors, treats, etc. are all simple ways to wrap her in love.

  2. Pick your rituals. To get some ideas about which rituals to include check out our other post, What is a Mother Blessing? You can do them all or choose 2-3 that suit your group the best. 

  3. Comfort. The intention is to create a relaxed, joyous environment, and the location can be anywhere... If the mama-to-be enjoys the outdoors, find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted by weather or others. If she's more of a city gal, see about hosting at a private home or a hotel suite. The possibilities are endless! For the day-of, make sure the mama-to-be has a comfortable seat that allows her to sit up easily for a long period of time. If ladies are sitting on the floor in a circle, the guest of honor will need the support of a chair or bolster cushions. Have a few back-up options ready, in case the seat you offer her isn't working. 

  4. Nurturing guests + recruiting them to help. Creating a nurturing space for a Mother Blessing also means caring for the guests. Serving light refreshments when guests arrive, offering extra shawls/blankets/pillows for coziness, or giving them a memento to remember the day (a candle to light when Mom is in labor, for example), are ways to make everyone feel special. You can ask guests to bring things like champagne, sparkling water, flowers or snacks. Or maybe you opt for a potluck-style spread or pick up loads of coconut soup from the mama's favorite Thai spot. Let your nurturing side run wild!

  5. Have fun + let your heart shine. As the host, you're setting the tone for the gathering so consider centering yourself before everyone arrives. A short meditation, lighting candles or listening to your song can be a quick way to do this. Let your heart shine with each woman you welcome!

Side note: Anyone we know who has participated in a Mother Blessing, from any walk of life, has *loved* the experience. Don't second guess yourself - just enjoy the process!

To read more on this subject, check out, What is a Mother Blessing?