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Organizing Clothes before Baby Arrives

Rachel O'Reilly

By Courtney Ward

With parenthood, just like life in general, you can never be too prepared. Before the baby comes you need to make sure their closet is ready to go, as babies can go through outfit changes faster than Beyonce. Sometimes I would change my baby's outfits 3-5 times a day; it’s crazy.* I recommend getting everything locked and loaded well before their arrival.

When you are prepping clothes, you may have a mix of new items and hand-me-downs. It could seem overwhelming looking at a pile of different tiny items to de-tag, wash, fold and organize, but you can tackle this task in just a night if you take three easy steps:

  1. Buy a good, non-toxic laundry detergent, like this.

  2. Stock up with dresser organizers to go within the dresser (I got mine at Ikea, but you can also use shoe boxes).

  3. Get hanger size separators and baby hangers (I made mine using size separators from a fabric store and a label maker).

I recommend organizing the night after your baby shower when you are still really excited to look at everything. The items are out and not stashed away, where you will forget you even had them. Do not leave items in the bags or boxes and think you will remember and grab them later; you probably won’t. I washed and prepped all of the clothing from birth to one year old, and while it sounds a little excessive, I was so glad that I did.

This is also a great thing to have your mom or mother-in-law help with - which also makes the day of/after your baby shower the perfect time to tackle it! Luckily, mine was in town and loved being able to help with this. We separated items by onesies, leggings, socks, pajamas, swaddle blankets, sleep sacks and hair accessories, and put each category in its own drawer organizer. I hung full outfits together in my daughter's closet, separated by size.

There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than seeing everything clean and organized, knowing the only thing missing is your little bundle. Even though there are parts of being a parent that you can never truly prepare for, this is one thing that you can feel great about, and may give you a bit more confidence in the weeks leading up to birth.

*Note: Babies literally blow through sizes so fast, I recommend saving your money and not buying TOO much (and treating yourself to new things after your pregnancy-love is gone). It is so tempting to go wild shopping because the clothing available these days is freaking irresistible. But something I’ve learned as a mom is, when it comes to baby’s clothes, less is more.