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Wild Winter Wreaths: How-To with Eothen Floral

Rachel O'Reilly


Weaving wreaths is a creative, intentional way to bring the wilds of the outside to your home. Whether it’s to hang on your front door, above the mantle or maybe in your washroom (it’s your world, do as you please), your base-form dictates the wreath’s overall look. A double or quadruple wire frame will support lush, full materials similar to the holly, spruce and cedar composition. A single wire frame, such as the  minimalist circle with Tillandsia and succulent, will be airier. Building on the texture of a dried grapevine base makes for the most rustic interpretation, similar to the mixed-evergreen piece. Scout evergreens, bare branches, shrubs, and natural curiosities like feathers, stones and mushrooms that you’d like to weave into your wreath. You’ll need a few other supplies, which you can find at your local craft store, flower market or Amazon.


  • 26-gauge paddle wire

  • 28-gauge straight wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Stem cutters

  • Base frame

Let’s talk through how you would make a wreath similar to the holly, spruce and cedar number for a modern take on a classic winter look.

1. To cover your base form, begin by stacking a mix of two or three ingredients in your hand, trim the stems, and start wiring by wrapping paddle wire around the cut end of the packet. I tend to wrap in threes to help keep a firm hold. Repeat until you have enough packets to cover your base.

2. Begin layering from the upper left of the frame. Lay and hold the first packet against the frame using your left hand. Using your right hand, wrap your paddle wire, (currently connected to your first packet), behind and around the frame three times– making sure you’re keeping the wire taut as you go. Do not cut the wire!

**If you’re left-handed, start from the upper right.

3. Place the next packet in position so the top of packet #2 covers the bottom of packet #1. Continue layering and wrapping with your wire, moving your way down and around the frame as you go. Do not. Cut. The wire!

4. When you’ve completed your base layer, give yourself at  six-inches length of paddle wire and, ok, now cut the wire. Finish the loose end by wrapping and tucking until it’s secure and hidden.

5. Tuck in the gestural, natural bits (showy leaves, feathers, seedpods) by nestling them into the base layer’s wire wrapping, or some of the thicker greenery. You can further secure these pieces by threading in straight wire, twisting and tucking the en ds into the back of your wreath.

6. Hang your wreath, step back, and reflect on just how damn crafty you really are.